November 06, 2018

10 Mens Clothing Wardrobe Essentials 

Fashion is not a difficult thing but staying updated about all the new trends and must haves according to the season is difficult. The changing seasons make the trends change so quickly and there is rarely any trend that keeps repeating itself continuously. It is like you bought something and it’s not trendy and into fashion the other day, due to which you have to focus on keeping some basic clothes that are going to look classy and trendy no matter what changes take place in the fashion industry. 

There are some items that should be there when you are planning to buy a lot of items for your wardrobe that you want to look trendy and classy. Here are some shopping ideas for men’s clothing that are essential for the whole year and you will be happy to keep that stuff in your wardrobe. Men’s clothing includes the men’s shirt and trousers to make it classier sometimes you need to add on accessories that help you more trendy and fashionable. Let’s have a look at the 10 wardrobe essentials that every man needs to have in any season, the suggestions are as follows:

A Hoodie:

A hoodie is not so professional so it is not recommended for the people who are office going and need something trendy and warm at the same time. It is recommended for the people who want to go out and have fun in the nights of winter, you just have to buy a black or white or any other color hoodie and it will go with any jeans the whole season.

If you like plain hoodies then you can buy those but the trend these days is to have a customized print on it. If you are not one of those people who don’t prefer customized prints then you can go for the already printed hoodies, there are snake style hoodies that are so much in fashion these winters.

Bomber jackets

One or two bomber jackets goes a long way with you and you won’t regret buying them because they are one of those items to have in the wardrobe that will never go out of fashion. You can use it in the whole season of winters and then use it in the next season or in case you are travelling to any other country you can take it with you. The bomber jacket is not so warm (depends on the quality) but it can be sometimes useful in autumn.

If its light and loose then you will be more than comfortable in it, the color choice depends upon you but if you buy the black plain bomber jacket then it can be worn by any colored T-shirt. Bomber jacket is an essential part of teen’s clothing as well and even youths enjoy wearing it.

The George Shaw Designer Snake Bomber Jacket, £140



Another essential you need to add to your wardrobe is a sweatshirt, if you buy them in different color and size they can last the whole year and can help you in casual routine and in case you have joined gym or you are a working out person then you should definitely have some of the collection of sweatshirts. There are many designs available in sweatshirt you can buy them according to your choice but if you buy the one with the prints that consist of brighter colors and sharp touches then it will be an awesome choice for autumn and winters when it is breezy. The round neck sweatshirts are all-rounders they never go out of fashion.

The Allergic to basic sweatshirt ,£40


Cotton T-shirts

Plain cotton T-shirts are the most important item that you have to buy and it will work for you the whole year. T-shirts goes a long way and you don’t have to but a lot of them if you buy few of them in different colors like basic one’s blue, black, white and grey. They are enough for you to wear them in summers and then in autumn season you can wear them some light jacket and in winter it can be worn underneath anything and you will be more than comfortable, these basic colors are the most favorites of the guys and they also look decent at the same time.

The No Rules Cotton Shirt, £30

Trendy backpack bags

There is always a need of some trendy accessory along with the clothing, for men these accessories include bags, watches, bracelets, caps etc. The most essential of all of them is a bag, if you are a guy who likes to wear trendy and classy looks and does not want to look professional then some printed backpack bag would be a best option to go with a hoodie, these backpack bags does not go along with the dress suit. They only look cool when you are wearing a plain T-shirt or any kind of clothing that is not falling under the category of professional clothing.

Chilling Astronaut Space Backpack Bag, £55


Full Life Colourful Print Backpack, £55

Flip-flops and caps

There are plain and printed flip-flops available at different shops like for example: Floral printed flip-flops. They can be used at home or in the season autumn when you are just chilling around. With plain T-shirts and shorts they look really fashionable and people like to wear them on vacations. The other accessory you must have is different types of caps, if you have a white cap then it will go with any outfit, buy some plain different color caps that will go a long way with you.

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