January 15, 2019

Versus Club N/A 19 Men's Clothing Online

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As our elders always teach us that never judge a book by its cover but still first impressions always matter. There are things of men which attract women a lot when it comes to men's style and fashion. Women love the man who truly knows how to take care of himself, who is good and impressive about their appearance. Thus, well-groomed and well-dressed men attract the ladies a lot.

  • To be very honest, when it comes to noticing anything about men, the awesome taste in shoes is one of the first things which is noticed by women. Make it really sure to wear the shoes according to the event and season.
  • An attractive jeans and t-shirt matter much. The clothes must not be too boggy or too tight. Just wear those clothes which suits your body as these things come in different fits for a reason.
  • Sometimes this is a job criterion that you have to wear suit on daily basis or hardly any day, whenever you wear a suit you are attracted by women, they notice it. However, if the suit is not fit then it is not going to give you any favor. Thus, do not just wear a suit, wear it well and properly.

Men's Joggers


    The joggers now a day is must when it comes to men's fashions and trends. These joggers with comfortable pants is an awesome trend these days. Joggers are originally made for exercise but now joggers are used for sports and it also became a key essential for wardrobe. There are many joggers style present in the market. Previously, joggers were only used to wear with trousers but now there are many ways to wear them. Instead of only wearing it in a gym, it is a Trend of wearing them in streetwear. These men’s joggers can be worn with many outfits and styles.

    • Joggers are always comfortable and relaxing. You can wear joggers simply with a t-shirt which makes your look an attractive and easy weekend look.
    • You can also wear joggers with track jackets for men, this will appeal your look and make you attractive. This, wearing jackets with joggers, combination carries an awesome and comfortable look. Furthermore, it can be worn in a traditional look.
    • Another option is wearing men's joggers with hoodies also an appropriate outfit. Wearing it is a casual dressing and while going fit some events.
    • Wearing joggers with biker jackets is another option. It is attractive to wear joggers with skinny jeans and biker jacket.

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    Men’s Shirts


      Selecting a men's shirt is one of the most complicated things than you think whether you are selecting it for yourself or someone else. As the first impression really matters like for example job interviews, presentation in a job or any other type if social gatherings, when you spend time for getting a right shirt for the right occasion is important and then you'll be able to make a difference. Here are some important things to keep in your mind while selecting the right men's shirt:

      • Picking up the right colors of a shirt for a specific occasion is really important.
      • Then selecting an awesome pattern of any shirt is one of the most important things for any event or casual wearing.

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      Men’s JacketsTop Picks


        Jacket is a word, but it has variety of styles and designs for wearing it. Selecting the right jacket for the right occasion might be tricky when you simply do not know the different types of them. Thus, we are here to help, there are many different style which every man must know and own:

        • Whether you are motorcyclist or not, this biker jacket with fittings and zips is the best choice. It is also a best option when you are getting late but still want to look stylish.
        • Whether you are walking in a park or having tea or coffee with friends, track jacket is the best option. It is comfortable and the only thing you have to do is to wear it with matching track pants or jeans instead.
        • Another best option to wear jacket is, hooded jackets. These are the jackets which are able to keep your face safe and dry in the rain, but it also looks fantastic and trendy. You only need to select your favorite hooded style. The choice is always yours to select your favorite hooded styled jacket.
        • Another option of wearing jackets are overcoats, there are variety if designs and colors of these kinds if coats. The common thing in all of them are long and warm, the best option to wear the long coats in winters.
        • Another option is raincoat which is specifically made for wet and rainy weather. If you need the jacket for a rainy weather, then you must check whether the coat is waterproof or not.
        1. Men's Sweaters:

        Sweaters play an important role in the winters as they come in variety of styles are designs for men. To select the right men’s sweater to wear is tricky, thus here is the information about the sweaters to wear:

        • One of the common sweater styles is Crew necked sweater which you can easily find in the market. When we compare to the v necked sweaters we see that the crew necked sweaters are more common. This is an ideal style to wear the sweater under any kind if jacket.
        • Another choice is shawl necked sweater, this style is a casual and relaxed outfit.
        • Another option for wearing sweaters is V-necked sweater. This also looks impressive and attractive, while wearing outfit for an occasion or casual wearing it is one of the best choice.

        Here are some styles for men’s clothingwhich are a must to know. These styles and trends are essential to know while dressing up in a proper way and up to date style. As wearing right dresses in a right event or occasion can attract ladies a lot. Thus, to know the different styles and trendy designs is an important to move attractively in the society.

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